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Who is Fortem?

Fortem began as a small business with just 38 employees. 15 years later, they have expanded to become a well-established company with more than 1,000 employees.

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Based across the UK, Fortem delivers responsive repairs and voids as part of their core business. Since they were established in 2002, Fortem has provided combined services in people's homes for over 40 social housing clients across the UK.

Through current partnerships Fortem currently completes more than 400,000 repairs in occupied homes. In addition the Fortem team offers and end to end personally-focused in-home service. Arriving on time and utilising a multi-skilled workforce, Fortem always wants to achieve first time fixes where practically possible.

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When Fortem’s multi-skilled operatives come to your home to carry out your repair, they will always be carrying identification, usually on a lanyard around their neck and which displays the Fortem logo.

They should also be wearing a polo shirt with both Johnnie Johnson Housing and Great Places Housing Group’s logos on.

Fortem operatives will always be able to prove who they are, if you are in any doubt, please contact us.

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Alongside the identification badge that all Fortem operatives will be wearing when they arrive at your home to carry out your repair, they will also be driving a Fortem van which will again be branded with the Fortem logo.

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Do not let anyone into your home unless you are happy they have shown appropriate identification – it always pays to be safe!

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