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What is
Repair & Maintain?

Repair & Maintain is a long-term joint asset management contract between Johnnie Johnson Housing and Great Places Housing Group.
This means that all your repairs and maintenance services will be carried out by Fortem Solutions Ltd.

We acknowledge that our previous repairs service may not have offered the high-levels of service we are accustomed to offering. However we are confident that this new service provided by our new contractor Fortem is robust enough to be able to deliver on those promises.

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Our service with Fortem will offer you:


Repairs appointments which will be made at the first point of contact, initially via our contact centres.


Repairs will be fixed first time where possible, reducing the number of return visits needed to fix the issue.


Increased rate of appointments being made and kept, which will result in reduced waiting times.


Any follow up appointments will be made directly with you in your own home to avoid further delay.


Improved communal repairs service which will notify you of progress of the communal repair.


Enhanced clear communication between Fortem and you.

Fortem has a wealth of repairs and maintenance knowledge under its belt, having worked with large numbers of similar organisations across the UK. To find out more detailed information about Fortem, please visit our service pages by clicking here.

Although we strive to fix all repairs at our properties as quickly and conveniently as possible, we have to prioritise the types of repairs we do and how quickly we need to do them.

We therefore classify all repairs in to two categories. These categories and their criteria are outlined below:

Emergency Repairs

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– These repairs MUST be phoned in to our contact centres, or Independent Living Coordinators for Johnnie Johnson residents and not reported via email - these include:

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Serious electrical/Gas failure

If you are deemed to be vulnerable or any repairs put your health and safety or security at risk, or the structure of your home is adversely affected, we will ‘make safe’ within 24 hours.

Should any follow up works be required we will arrange a mutually convenient appointment to complete the work.

Routine appointment

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– These include (not an exhaustive list):

  • General joinery repairs internally and externally
  • Door entry failure
  • General plastering works
  • Minor plumbing repairs e.g. dripping taps
  • Repairs to kitchen fittings
  • Repair or cleaning of gutters and downspouts
  • Easing of doors and windows
  • Other minor day to day repairs or replacements

Routine appointments will be made if your repair isn’t deemed to be an emergency as stated in the section above. We do however, understand that your repair is important to you, which is why we will strive to book you an appointment to resolve your issue at the first point of contact, with the repair scheduled to be completed within 14 days from point of notification, or by appointment at your convenience (outside the 14 day period).

Routine repairs are classified as repairs which can be deferred without serious discomfort, inconvenience or nuisance to you or third party, or long term deterioration of the building.

Who can use the
Repair & Maintain service?

Repair & Maintain is available to anyone who lives in a Johnnie Johnson Housing property or anyone who is a Great Places customer who is formerly a Equity Housing Group customer.

There are a range of responsibilities that both you and we have for repairing and maintaining your home.

This information is set out in your agreement, which you sign when you move in to your home.

In our shared ownership and leaseholder schemes, some responsibilities for internal repairs may vary and we can talk these through with you if you are unsure.


Your lease will outline who is responsible for repairing and maintaining the inside and outside of your home. As homeowners you will normally be responsible for maintaining the inside of your home including plumbing, heating and decoration.

However the lease will not state every type of repair which may arise and if you require clarification about a particular repair please contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss it with you.

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