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Should damage be caused to your home or to our fixtures and fittings or to the communal areas, by you or any member of your household or any visitors you have invited to your home, you will have to pay the reasonable costs we have paid out in carrying out the repair work. These works are known as rechargeable repairs.

We will always be upfront with you and outline before any works are carried out whether the repair is a rechargeable repair or not. To make it a little easier for you to understand who is responsible for fixing the problem, we have listed a number of common repairs issues on our ‘what’s covered’ page.

This simple to read page outlines who has overall responsibility to fix the repair. We also have several self-fix videos on the website, which should help you to fix any of the smaller repairs you may come across, such as turning off the main water supply or bleeding a radiator.

Please note that if you cancel a repairs appointment within 24 hours of the agreed appointment time, you may be recharged for this. If the repair is still required, a new appointment will be booked with you within the agreed timescales