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We know that we haven’t always got it right when it comes to our joint repairs and maintenance service, however your feedback is vital in ensuring we get it right next time. After every visit from a Fortem operative, we will be asking for your feedback about the service you have just received.

We value your feedback and use it to continuously improve our ongoing services. We strive to fix every repair in the home with one visit, however we also understand that this isn’t always possible, especially if a Fortem operative must order an additional part or seek additional assistance from another trade.

We will always attempt to rearrange another appointment, at time convenient to you at the point of contact.

What happens if I am not satisfied with my repair?

If you are not satisfied with the repair or if the contractor doesn’t arrive when they should, please ring a member of our team on one of the following numbers – please remember to ring the number relevant to either JJH or Great Places.

Johnnie Johnson Housing:

T: 0345 305 5335 (Available 24/7)


Great Places Housing Group:

T: 0300 123 4460


What if I’m still not satisfied?

If you are still not satisfied, there are other options you can pursue:

Each organisation will have their own complaints policy and process, these will be available to read on either JJH or EHG’s own websites. They set out how to formally raise a complaint, as well as laying out the whole process and timescales involved

Use your Right to Repair – The Right to Repair is a system for compensating you where we fail to carry out a repair within a target time and continues to fail after further requests.

Following your repair being carried out, you will receive a phone call from Voicescape, our survey partner, to ask if your appointment was kept and if you were satisfied with the work carried out as part of your repair.

If you dissatisfied with your repair, someone will call you to gain a better understanding of what went wrong.

Please note, the survey will be carried out via a (real voice) automated system.