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There are several ways in which you can
get in contact with us to report a repair.

Complete an email form (for non-emergencies only)

Simply complete our email form below, please ensure you select your landlord when completing the form (If you need to contact Johnnie Johnson Housing, make sure you select the correct option from the drop down before pressing send).

The completed form will arrive directly to a member of the team at the landlord you've selected.

A team member will then call you back to talk through your repair in more detail, before being able to issue you with a date and time for your repair to be carried out.

Please remember to be as descriptive as possible when describing your repair issue, this will help our team diagnose your requirements in advance of calling you back.


    Pick up the phone and give us a call:

    You may choose to pick up the phone and call us directly (please note that numbers vary, please ensure you dial the correct number), where a member of our team will be happy to help discuss your repair with you.

    Again, they will need to take a few details from you and once they have all the information they require, they will be able to issue you with a date and time for your repair to be carried out.

    Please use one of the phone numbers below to call us but please note it is hugely important that you call the right phone number for either JJH or Great Places.

    Sadly, if you dial the incorrect number, the person on the end of the phone may not be able to help you and you will be asked to redial the correct number.

    Johnnie Johnson Housing:

    T: 0345 305 5335 (Available 24/7)


    Great Places Housing Group:

    T: 0300 123 4460


    All other enquiries

    If you want to find out any information that can’t be found on this microsite, you may need to visit either the JJH or Great Places website. Their websites will have additional information, such as how to pay your rent and ways you can get involved.

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